We know that for some the idea of a strike vote is scary. Strike votes and strike mandate votes are different, but necessary to the bargaining process.

A strike mandate vote is NOT a vote to go out on strike.

A strike mandate vote empowers your bargaining committee to know that the membership stands firmly with them. It tells our employer that we stand together in solidarity, that the issues are important and need to be taken seriously.

Voting YES for a strike mandate gives the bargaining committee the direction to negotiate a fair collective agreement with no concessions. It doesn't mean that we are in a legal position to go on strike. It does indicate a strong, unified presence at the bargaining table and the strength of the membership to go on strike in the future if we are pushed by the employer to do so.

Voting NO at a strike mandate indicates a weakness of the bargaining unit and is very dangerous. It tells your committee to allow the employer to strip your collective agreement. This could mean reducing benefits, vacation time, sick time and most important the language that secures your rights.

A strong YES strike mandate vote demonstrates the membership's support for their bargaining committee and sends a clear message to the employer to bargain in good faith.

If at some point in the future of the bargaining process that negotiation talks break down and the bargaining committee has no other option then they will return to the membership for a strike vote.

This vote will indicate if the membership is prepared to go on strike based on the information given to them by the bargaining team.